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  • Wszystkie odnośniki związane z React i Node.js zostały przeniesione do osobnego dokumentu: React

TO DO aka must-to-read

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  9. Two last slots free at the moment, no idea: (already in plan: destructuring, encapsulation, callback) Lukas Gisder-Dubé "9 Tricks for Kickass JavaScript Developers in 2019" | Glad Chinda "JavaScript ES6: 5 new abstractions to improve your code" | Paolo Giangrandi "JavaScript traits: the clean way to modify global prototypes" | jnrgonzalez "JavaScript, ES6, OOP Interview Questions" | Greg Byrne "A bluffer’s guide to JavaScript proficiency" | Yung L. Leung "An intro to advanced sorting algorithms: merge, quick & radix sort in JS" | Florin Pop "Here are some app ideas you can build to level up your coding skills" | JavaScript Teacher "The Complete Guide to Loops in JavaScript" | Timothy Robards "JavaScript Fundamentals: Mastering Arrays"
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