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  1. Higher Order Functions: MDN: map(), filter(), reduce() | Sukhjinder Arora "Understanding Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript" | Sequioa McDowell "Higher order functions in ES6:Easy as a => b => c;" | M. David Green "Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript" | Derick Bailey "Fun With Higher Order Functions In JavaScript" | Egidio Docile "Introduction to higher order functions in Javascript" | Alex Permyakov "How to simplify your codebase with map(), reduce(), and filter() in JavaScript" | Mattias Petter Johansson "A dirt simple introduction to higher order functions in JavaScript" | Yazeed Bzadough "A quick intro to Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript" | Guido Schmitz "Higher Order Functions: Using Filter, Map and Reduce for More Maintainable Code" | Hemand Nair "How to write your own map, filter and reduce functions in JavaScript" | Hugo Di Francesco "First-class and Higher Order Functions: Effective Functional JavaScript" | Richard Bovell "Understand JavaScript Callback Functions and Use Them" | Gyen Abubakar "JavaScript: Callback Functions" | Cem Eygi "JavaScript Callback Functions – What are Callbacks in JS and How to Use Them" | Shriram Salunke "Introduction Javascript Callback Functions for Beginners" | Alex Permyakov "15 Useful JavaScript Examples of .map(), .reduce() and .filter()" | "Practical Functional JavaScript — Step 2: Higher-Order Functions" | Damien Cosset "Higher-order functions in Javascript" | John Hannah "Higher Order Functions in JavaScript" | Zsolt Nagy "Higher Order Functions in JavaScript" | Pedro Filho "High Order Functions" | quizlet.com: "Javascript Higher Order Functions" | Tiago Romero Garcia "Catching up with JavaScript higher-order functions" | Eric Elliott "Reduce (Composing Software)" | JavaScript Array.prototype.reduce() (JS Reduce Made Easy) | Una Kravets "An Illustrated (and Musical) Guide to Map, Reduce, and Filter Array Methods" | John David "Simplify Your JavaScript with .map(), .reduce(), and .filter()" | Etienne Talbot "Simplify your JavaScript – Use .map(), .reduce(), and .filter()" | Kristian Poslek "One reduce() to rule them all" | Yazeed Bzadough "10 JavaScript Utility Functions Made with Reduce" | Mike Cronin "JavaScript has a Reduce Method. You Should Use It." | Valeri Karpov "Understand JavaScript Reduce With 5 Examples" | techsith "javascript callback functions tutorial" [YT 15:39] | JavaScript Higher Order Functions & Arrays — Traversy Media [YT 34:55] | Higher Order Functions — Fun Fun Function [YT 10:48]Higher Order Functions in Javascript — Raja Yogan [YT 6:12] | Higher Order Iterators in JavaScript — Fun Fun Function [YT 13:59] | Higher Order Functions in JavaScript — The Coding Train [YT 16:20] | Methods
  2. this: MDN: this | Karan Valecha "Understanding "this" keyword in Javascript & React" | stackoverflow: How does the “this” keyword work? | Ashay Mandwarya "A guide to this in JavaScript" | Lukas Gisder-Dubé "How to understand the keyword this and context in JavaScript" | JavaScript Teacher "The magic of the “this” keyword in JavaScript" | Richard Bovell "Understand JavaScript’s “this” With Clarity, and Master It" [2013] | Simon LH "JavaScript Wizard: What’s up with ‘this’?" | Mohammed Abdullatif "The ‘this’ keyword in JavaScript, demystified" | Til Javascript 'This' Keyword | Divyansh Tripathi "The Scope of “this” in Javascript" ("A blog explaining THIS in javascript") | Deepak Gupta "Javascript Context — this keyword"Understanding JavaScript Execution Context and How It Relates to Scope and the `this` Context | Tyler McGinnis "WTF is this - Understanding the this keyword, call, apply, and bind in JavaScript" | Michelle Gienow" Mastering 'this' in JavaScript: Callbacks and bind(), apply(), call()" | Daniel Li "What is 'this' in JavaScript?" | Jason Yu "Let me explain to you what is this. (Javascript)" | Cheri Hung "How the ‘this’ keyword changes when used in different contexts" | Tania Rascia "Understanding This, Bind, Call, and Apply in JavaScript" | Pavan "Understanding the “this” Keyword in JavaScript" | Tania Rascia "Understanding This, Bind, Call, and Apply in JavaScript" | echsith "Javascript this keyword explained | in Gloable Scope, Object, Function, Prototype, Method, Class" [YT 20:16] | Mastering "this" in JavaScript - Intermediate JavaScript #2 YT 13:28 | Bryan Hughes "Understanding Functions and 'this' In The World of ES2017" [YT 25:52] | "bind and this - Object Creation in JavaScript - FunFunFunction" [YT 15:38]
  3. closure: MDN: Closures | Denis Spiridonov "The best way to understand JS Closures… and a few more things" | Olivier De Meulder "I never understood JavaScript closures" | JavaScript.Info: Closure | Richard Bovell "Understand JavaScript Closures With Ease" | Codesmith "Understanding JavaScript Closures" | Brandon Morelli "Understand Closures in JavaScript" | Prashant Ram "A simple guide to help you understand closures in JavaScript" | Paul Upendo "Understanding JavaScript Closures: A Practical Approach" | Alexander Kondov "Understanding JavaScript: Closures" | Léna Faure "How to use JavaScript closures with confidence" | tyler "JavaScript closures by example" | Alex Aitken "JavaScript — Closures and Scope" | 80/20 Coding "JavaScript Closure | With 6 Examples and Explanations | Frequently Asked Job Interview Question 😬" [YT 19:25] | WhatsCoding "Hoisting in JavaScript | Explained" [YT 4:21] | Alex Devero Blog "JavaScript Scope Explained" | Cristi Salcescu "Discover the power of closures in JavaScript"How do JavaScript closures work?Mae Capozzi "Simplified JavaScript: Getting Started with Closures — Code Like A Girl" | Edward Huang "What is really so special about JavaScript Closures?" | Tyler McGinnis "The Ultimate Guide to Hoisting, Scopes, and Closures in JavaScript" | RealLifeJS: "Javascript Closures 101 - Explaining how closures work" | Jordan Moore "Closures, Private Data, and Inheritance in JavaScript" | "What is Javascript closure: Learn Javascript closure in deeply" | Nelson Gutiérrez "Closures Explained with a Practical Example" | Sukhjinder Arora "Understanding Closures in JavaScript"Javascript Closures in Depth | Tutorial for Beginners | Easy Explanation with Examples YT 11:33 | techsith "Javascript Closure tutorial ( Closures Explained )" [YT 12:51] | Samuraj Programowania "Closures (domknięcia) w JavaScript - kurs programowania #16" [YT 30:02] | overment "Closure w praktyce, czyli zrozumieć JavaScript | overment" [YT 11:47] | techsith "Closures in JavaScript | Inside a loop, inner function and setTimeoout" [YT 16:38] | Fun Fun Function "Closures" [YT 7:03] | Kirupa Chinnathambi "Understanding Closures (In Under 10 Minutes!)" [YT 9:50] | Web Dev Simplified "Learn Closures In 7 Minutes" [6:55] | The Coding Train "9.6: JavaScript Closure - p5.js Tutorial" [YT 12:14] | JavaScript Closures 101: What is a closure? — JavaScript Tutorials [YT 4:20] | All Things JavaScript, LLC "Demystifying JavaScript Closure" [YT 16:07] | Closures — freeCodeCamp [YT 4:47] | JavaScript Closures — CodeWorkr [YT 43:28]
  4. setTimeout and setInterval MDN: setTimeout(), setInterval() | JavaScript.Info: setTimeout and setInterval | Akanksha Sharma "Why not to use setInterval" | Develoger: setTimeout VS setInterval | Chris Coyier "Using requestAnimationFrame" | JavaScript Kit "Understanding JavaScript's requestAnimationFrame()" | Amit Merchant "Handling time intervals in JavaScript" | Eric Elliott "Encapsulation in JavaScript" | Coding Blocks India "Javascript: How setTimeout and setInterval works" [YT 6:22] | techsith: setTimeout and setInterval in JavaScript [YT 12:54] | Steve Griffith: "JavaScript Timers" [YT 6:04] | DoingITeasyChannel: JavaScript setTimeout, setInterval & clearInterval [YT 4:26] | Theodore Anderson "JavaScript setTimeOut and setInterval Explained" [YT 4:39]
  5. OOP: MDN "Object-oriented JavaScript for beginners" | Rainer Hahnekamp "An introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript" | Garry Taylor "Prototypes in Javascript" | NC Patro "JavaScript — Object Oriented Programming using ES6" | JavaScript Teacher "A guide to prototype-based class inheritance in JavaScript" | rameshravi "A thing or two about Objects in JavaScript" | Alexander Petkov "How to explain object-oriented programming concepts to a 6-year-old" | Luke Ruokaismaki "JavaScript ES6: Classes" | Anurag Majumdar "“Super” and “Extends” In JavaScript ES6 - Understanding The Tough Parts" | Jeff Mott "Object-oriented JavaScript: A Deep Dive into ES6 Classes" | Kevin Guebert "Simple Object Oriented Programming with Javascript" | Arfat Salman "Diving Deeper in JavaScripts Objects" | Arfat Salman "The Chronicles of JavaScript Objects" | Aphinya Dechalert "Understanding Prototypes in JavaScript" | logicbig.com: "JavaScript - OOP style ES6 class syntax" | Germán Cutraro "The Little Guide for OOP in JS" | Beau Carnes "Learn Object Oriented Programming Basics in 30 Minutes: A Free Crash Course" | Michele Nasti "Things you may not know about Object Oriented Javascript (Es6)" | Igor Sarcevic "OOP in the age of ES6" | Peleke Sengstacke "Better JavaScript with ES6, Pt. II: A Deep Dive into Classes" | "Javascript: Introduction to ES6 classes" | Nick Shoup "JavaScript Classes from ES6 and Beyond" | Aram Koukia "Classes, Inheritance and Static members in #JavaScript #ES6" | Justen Robertson "Making Sense of ES6 Class Confusion" | Tyler McGinnis "JavaScript Inheritance and the Prototype Chain" | Vijay Prasanna "Objects, Prototypes and Classes in JavaScript" | Tania Rascia "Understanding Classes in JavaScript" | Nathaniel Foster "ES6 Classes" | Chris Ng "ES6 Object Oriented" | techsith "javaScript call apply and bind" [YT 15:22] | The Net Ninja "Object Oriented JavaScript" [YT playlist 11 filmów] Objects in Javascript | javascript tutorials for beginners #7 [YT 13:37]
  6. Functional Programming: Flavio Copes "An introduction to Functional Programming with JavaScript" | Professor Franklin Frisby's Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming | TK "Functional Programming Principles in Javascript" | Steven Ellis "The power of functional programming in Javascript" | Matthew Gerstman "Functional Programming Fundamentals" | Kumar Bhot "Practical Functional JavaScript — Step by Step" | Alex Ritzcovan "A Gentle Introduction to Functional Programming in JavaScript" | Omer Goldberg "Javascript and Functional Programming — Pure Functions" | Eric Elliott "Master the JavaScript Interview: What is a Pure Function?" | James Jeffery "JavaScript: What Are Pure Functions And Why Use Them?" | Alex Nault "Functional Programming with JavaScript in 3 Steps" | nicoespeon "Pure functions in JavaScript" | Arne Brasseur "Functional Programming: Pure Functions" | Krunal "Pure Functions In Javascript" | Alex Ritzcovan S"How to Start Thinking Functionally in JavaScript" | Jack Franklin "Making your JavaScript Pure" | Markus Ritberger "To mutate, or not to mutate, in JavaScript" | Federico Knüssel "Arrays, Objects and Mutations" | Maciej Sikora "The State of Immutability" | James Sinclair "How to deal with dirty side effects in your pure functional JavaScript" | David Walsh "Preventing Side Effects in JavaScript" | Peleke Sengstacke "Wielding Pure Functions in JavaScript and Function Composition" | William S. Vincent "JavaScript: Pure Functions" | Alexander Kondov "Functional programming paradigms in modern JavaScript: Pure functions" | Emma Robbins "3 Reasons To Learn Functional Programming With Elixir" | Chidume Nnamdi "Understanding Javascript Mutation and Pure Functions" | Just Enough Functional Programming in JavaScript | Afraz Momin "Function Currying in JavaScript" | Zaiste "Functional JavaScript Tutorial" [YT playlist 12 filmów] | Pure Functions — Hexlet [YT 6;55] | Pure Functions - Functional Programming in JavaScript — Paul McBride [YT 5:05] | JavaScript Pure Functions — Seth Alexander [YT 39:26] | JavaScript Pure vs Impure Functions Explained — Theodore Anderson [YT 2:54] | Pure Functions - Programação Funcional: Parte 1 - Fun Fun Function [YT 10:48] | Coding Tic-Tac-Toe In Plain JavaScript - Functional JavaScript Tutorial [YT 40:17]
  7. promise MDN: Promise | Kevin Ghadyani "Promises: The Definitive Guide" | Zack Siri "JavaScript Fetch API Cheatsheet" | Jared Nielsen "Learn JavaScript Promises and Promise Methods" | James Anthony Bruno "Promise Mate: Delegating asynchronous results in JavaScript" | Andrei Cacio "Promisified events using the Façade pattern" | r/AskProgramming: Need help pushing/resolving Axios Javascript promises | Jecelyn Yeen "JavaScript Promises for Dummies" | Tapas Adhikary "JavaScript Promise Tutorial – How to Resolve or Reject Promises in JS" | Gokul N K "Understanding promises in JavaScript" | Thu Nghiem "How to Learn JavaScript Promises and Async/Await in 20 Minutes" | Eric Elliott "Master the JavaScript Interview: What is a Promise?" | Mehdi Maujood "The easy guide to understanding JS Promises"Sandeep Panda "An Overview of JavaScript Promises" | Shardendu Kumar Gautam "JavaScript Essentials: Understanding Promises" | Prashant Ram "How to use Promises in JavaScript" | Gyen Abubakar "JavaScript: Promises" | Maciej Cieslar "Implementing Promises In JavaScript" | Shruti Kapoor "JavaScript: Promises explained with simple real life analogies" | Exploring JS: Promises for Asynchronous Programming | Kevin Kononenko "JavaScript Promises Explained By Gambling At A Casino" | Apal Shah "Common Javascript Promise mistakes every beginner should know and avoid" | Bobby Brennan "ES6 Promises: Patterns and Anti-Patterns" | Brandon Morelli "A Simple Guide to ES6 Promises" | John Kapantzakis "JS illustrated: Promises" | Manoj Singh Negi "The ES6 Promises" | Nicolás Bevacqua "ES6 Promises in Depth" | Rajesh Babu "Playing with Javascript Promises: A Comprehensive Approach" | Brandon Wozniewicz "How to Write a JavaScript Promise" | overment "Jak działa Promise (obietnice) w JavaScript / tutorial asynchroniczny JavaScript / async await / promise API / chaining / generatory" [YT playlist 7 filmów] | Dillion Megida "Promises in Javascript" | Andréas “ScreamZ” Hanss "How to avoid try/catch statements nesting/chaining in JavaScript ?" | Fakorede Damilola "Try/Catch in JavaScript – How to Handle Errors in JS" | Uday Hiwarale "JavaScript Promises and Async/Await: As Fast As Possible™ | Aleksandar Vasilevski "How to Use JavaScript Try Catch Finally Statement" | "JavaScript Promise API Basics" | techsith "javaScript promises explained tutorial" [YT 13:09] | Ryan Christiani "Let's Learn ES6 - Promises" [YT 16:31] | Traversy Media: JavaScript ES6 / ES2015 Promises [YT 12:17] | Fun Fun Function: Promises [YT 16:55] | Fun Fun Function: Error Handling Promises in JavaScript [YT 10:48] | The Coding Train: "JavaScript Promises" [YT playlist 6 filmów] | Dani Akash "How to use promises in JavaScript" [YT 11:37] | Joshua Saunders "JavaScript Promises: Zero To Hero Plus Cheat Sheet"
  8. Asynchronous Programming - async/await: MDN: async function, await | "JavaScript — from callbacks to async/await" | "Preload, prefetch and other <link> tags" | JavaScript.Info: async/await | 6 Reasons Why JavaScript Async/Await Blows Promises Away (Tutorial)Gokul N K "Understanding async/await in Javascript" | Eloquent JavaScript: Asynchronous Programming | Alligator.io: Exploring Async/Await Functions in JavaScript | Joy Warugu "Asynchronous Javascript using async/await" | Dmitri Pavlutin "How to Use Fetch with async/await" | Gladiatorzy JS "Async / await – nie takie fajne jak myślisz – prostota syntaxu kosztem użytkownika" | Flavio Copes "Modern Asynchronous JavaScript with async/await" | Demir Selmanovic "Asynchronous JavaScript: From Callback Hell to Async and Await" | Ben Garrison "Javascript — ES8 Introducing async/await Functions" | Aditya Agarwal "How to escape async/await hell" | Nicolás Bevacqua "Understanding JavaScript’s async await" | TechBrij: JavaScript Async/Await: Serial, Parallel and Complex Flow | Exploring JS: Asynchronous Programming | "Executing arrays of async/await JavaScript functions in series vs. concurrently" | Jack Yeh "JavaScript: What are Async/Await, Promise, and Callback?" | Chris Nwamba: From JavaScript Promises to Async/Await: why bother? | Craig Buckler: "Flow Control in Modern JS: Callbacks to Promises to Async/Await" | Nick Parsons "JavaScript: Promises and Why Async/Await Wins the Battle" | Adrian Hajdin "How To Master Async/Await With This Real World Example" | Indrek Lasn "How to improve your asynchronous Javascript code with async and await" | "When to Use (and Not to Use) Asynchronous Programming: 20 Pros Reveal the Best Use Cases" | luminousmen "Asynchronous programming. Await the Future" | Ruhan Khandakar "Understand JavaScript Async and Await with Examples for Beginners" | Omotola Shogunle "Learning JavaScript? My Dating Analogy for CallBacks / Promises / Async & Awaits" | Jonathan Lambert "Async vs. Sync Handling Concurrency in JS" | asyncawait | www.thecodebarbarian.com | CodeSPot: Aleksandar Vasilevski "Async JavaScript Part 1: The Callback" | freeCodeCamp.org "Asynchronous JavaScript Course (Async/Await, Promises, Callbacks)" [1:36:22] | The Net Ninja "Asynchronous JavaScript Tutorial" [YT playlist 5 filmów] - The Net Ninja "Asynchronous JavaScript (2020 version)" [YT playlist 11 filmów] | techsith "Async Await JavaScript ES7" [YT 26:38] | Wes Bos "Async + Await" [YT 15:51] | Shelley Vohr "Asynchrony: Under the Hood" [YT 25:23] | Fun Fun Function "async/await in JavaScript - What, Why and How" [YT 23:59] | uidotdev "The Evolution of Async JavaScript: From Callbacks, to Promises, to Async/Await" [YT 45:24] | Coding Tech "Async/Await: Modern Concurrency In JavaScript" [YT 29:42] | freeCodeCamp.org "Async + Await in JavaScript, talk from Wes Bos" [YT 15:51] | Web Dev Simplified "JavaScript Promises In 10 Minutes" [YT 11:30] | Web Dev Simplified "JavaScript Async Await" [YT 7:30] | Traversy Media "Async JS Crash Course - Callbacks, Promises, Async Await" [YT 24:30] | Colt Steele "Complete Guide to JS Async & Await ES2017/ES8" [YT 16:19] | Amitav Mishra "Understanding async and await in JavaScript"
  9. Inne: Paolo Giangrandi "JavaScript traits: the clean way to modify global prototypes" | Greg Byrne "A bluffer’s guide to JavaScript proficiency" | Florin Pop "Here are some app ideas you can build to level up your coding skills" | JavaScript Teacher "The Complete Guide to Loops in JavaScript" | Decoded "Learn JavaScript" loops [YT playlist 2 filmy] | John Au-Yeung "JavaScript Best Practices — Loops and Returns" | Marty Jacobs "JavaScript Loop Tutorial – How to Iterate Over an Array in JavaScript" | "Master the art of looping in JavaScript with these incredible tricks" | JavaScript Teacher "The Visual Guide To JavaScript Variable Definitions & Scope"Syk Houdeib "What in the world is a JavaScript conditional?"Dr. Derek Austin "How to check for null in JavaScript"Akash Srivastava "How the JavaScript engine works"
  10. Function Skay "JS Functions - Everything you must know as a JavaScript Newbie!!"
  11. string Sonya Moisset "Three Ways to Reverse a String in JavaScript" | JavaScript Dev "JavaScript String Methods You Should Know | JavaScript Tutorial" | "4 Ways to Convert String to Character Array in JavaScript"
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  13. sorting Yung L. Leung "An intro to advanced sorting algorithms: merge, quick & radix sort in JS" | Maciek Grzybek "Ultimate guide to sorting in Javascript and Typescript"Bahadır Mezgil "How to sort an array in JavaScript?"
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  18. scope Mahendra Choudhary "Everything you wanted to know about JavaScript scope"Mano lingam "Understanding Scope in JavaScript""Understanding Variables, Scope, and Hoisting in JavaScript"Hammad Ahmed "Understanding Scope in JavaScript" | techsith "Hoisting in JavaScript and function scope issues with keyword var" [YT 13:46]
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  28. Security Socket - Secure your JavaScript supply chain | LavaMoat tools for building secure javascript apps
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