Z powodu wagi zagadnienia i ogromu materiałów jakie ukazują się na temat COVID-19 postanowiłem zebrać, najważniejsze, wiarygodne i najbardziej aktualne informacje w jednym miejscu.

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 2020-11-16

Po tym, jak Dalai Lama przyjął szczepionkę na COVID, wielu z obecnych uznało, że czas wyrzuć jego książĸi. Tutaj kilka z nich cytatów i wypowiedzi, które może wam umknęły: "I wish to emphasize to the millions of my fellow Buddhists worldwide the need to take science seriously and to accept its fundamental discoveries within their worldview." “If scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false, then we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims.” "If there's good, strong evidence from science that such and such is the case and this is contrary to Buddhism, then we will change." "If as spiritual practitioners we ignore the discoveries of science, our practice is also impoverished, as this mind-set can lead to fundamentalism." "no credible understanding of the natural world or our human existence—what I am going to call in this book a worldview—can ignore the basic insights of theories as key as evolution, relativity, and quantum mechanics." "The specific areas of science that I have explored most over the years are subatomic physics, cosmology, and biology, including neuroscience and psychology." "Scientists have a special responsibility, a moral responsibility, in ensuring that science serves the interests of humanity in the best possible way." "Uncompromising commitment to truth and a total dedication to discovering the nature of reality are things that both Buddhism and science have in common."








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